Skin Lesion Excisions

The entire skin lesion is removed including the appropriate margins according to the latest guidelines of skin cancer management. There are several types of wound closure.

Direct closer: Wound is closed directly side by side.

Flap: there are many types of skin flaps that your doctor will discuss with you according to the size and position of the skin lesion. By using a flap, the wound is closed by mobilising the skin from a neighbouring area without completely cutting the skin off. This is done by rotating the skin or loosening and advancing it to cover a nearby area. This procedure requires intricate skills which are confidently provided by our skin doctors to achieve a cosmetically favourable outcome.

Skin graft: when direct closure is not possible, skin is removed from a distant area to completely cover the wound area. There are two types of skin grafts.

    • Full thickness: used for small areas, full thickness of the skin is used
    • Partial or split thickness: very thin layer is used from the donor area to cover larger wounds
skin lesion excisions melbourne
skin lesion excisions
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