iS Clinical Products from Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Sun & Skin Medical Centre is a proud Australian stockist of iS Clinical products. Our qualified dermal therapist, beauty therapists and skin doctors have carefully selected iS Clinical products for their superior quality and clinically proven efficacy.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre offers consultation times with our qualified and experienced team of dermal therapists. A consultation time is a great opportunity to discuss your skin concerns and goals in detail. Through comprehensive skin assessment, your therapist will be able to determine the most suitable iS Clinical products to suit the individual needs of your skin, helping you to work towards achieving the complexion that you’ve always wanted.

iS Clinical Products available from Sun & Skin Medical Centre

is clinical products

iS Clinical products have been created with a view to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. Available in over 60 countries worldwide, iS Clinical products include a complete range of cleansers, treatments, moisturisers and serums. They are formulated using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

iS Clinical products are independently clinically tested, to ensure the maximum level of safety and performance.

iS Clinical products are Botanical, Vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Suitable for pregnant & breast feeding mother.

A comprehensive range of iS Clinical Products available at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

iS Clinical Products: Cleansers

iS Clinical products cleansers are ideal for all skin types, genders, and ages. Cleansing is a vital step in any skincare regime, important for maintaining and clear and vibrant facial complexion. iS Clinical cleansers are formulated with ingredients that gently, yet effectively, remove excess skin oils, make up and other debris, without causing irritation or drying the skin out.

Having 3 different molecular size particles ensures that the cleanser can penetrate and clean at all skin levels & not only at a surface level

iS Clinical Products: Exfoliants

Exfoliation is important in the process of creating a bright complexion. iS Clinical products exfoliant formulas are based upon botanical ingredients, making them a gentle, yet powerful exfoliation option, especially ideal for those who may be irritated by traditional exfoliant formulations.

iS Clinical Products: Moisturisers

iS Clinical moisturisers contain ingredients that attract moisture to the skin and bind it. Adequate skin moisture is important; hydrated skin appears brighter, firmer and is more resilient. There are a range of moisturisers available in the iS Clinical products range, and our dermal therapists will be able to recommend which products are most appropriate for your skin type.

iS Clinical Products: Serums

Serums may help to visibly improve major skin concerns. iS Clinical products serums are available for a variety of skin concerns. Carefully constructed multi-tasking formulas target various areas of the skin, leading to improved cellular metabolism and regeneration, which in turn leads to a brighter and clearer complexion.

iS clinical Serums are potant yet gentle being rich in many Vitamins like Vitamin A,B and C in addition to many Botanical products to help with Antiaging, Pigmentation, Acne Rosacea and many other skin concerns

iS Clinical Products: Other Products

Sun & Skin Medical Centre also stocks a range of iS Clinical products for lips and eyes, as well as masques, peels and mists. Whether you want to combat dark circles, tired and aging eyes, or enhance the overall health of the delicate skin on the lips, our dermal therapists will be able to assist you in determining which products are suitable for your individual skin concerns.

Order iS Clinical Products from Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Sun & Skin Medical Centre stocks a comprehensive range of iS Clinical products Mount Eliza locals, and those in the surrounding areas can conveniently purchase from our Nepean Highway clinic. We also offer shipping, as well as AfterPay, so customers can purchase iS Clinic products Melbourne and beyond, as we offer flat rate postage Australia-wide.

If you are unsure which iS Clinical products are most suitable for your skin, please contact our clinic and a member of our team will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you may like to book a consultation time with one of our qualified dermal therapists for a thorough skin assessment; you may do so by telephoning our clinic or booking via the online portal.

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