Skin cancer checks Melbourne at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Sun & Skin Medical Centre is an accredited skin clinic that offers skin cancer checks in Melbourne. Located in the suburb of Mount Eliza on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, our clinic offers patients the highest quality care for all their skin concerns.

Our team of fully qualified skin doctors offers patients skin cancer checks and mole mapping, as well as a variety of in-house treatments, should they be required.

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, we are proud to offer our patients the latest technologies and treatments when it comes to skin cancer checks and general skin health.

What are skin cancer checks?

Skin cancer checks are examinations performed by our qualified skin doctors, whereby the doctor thoroughly examines the entire skin of the patient to identify potentially suspicious lesions. Skin cancer checks may involve physical examination, mole mapping, and skin biopsy, if required.

Skin cancer checks should be performed regularly by your qualified skin doctor. Skin cancer affects around 1 in 3 Australians under the age of 70. Skin cancer can occur on any skin type, and on any part of the body, including areas that are not regularly exposed to sun.

For some patients who are considered ‘high risk’, skin cancer checks should be performed more frequently. Your skin doctor will be able to recommend a suitable timeframe for regular checks. Patients at high risk include those that:

  • Have fair skin that burns rather than tans
  • Have light coloured eyes and fair hair
  • Have had multiple sunburns, especially as a child
  • Have used tanning beds or solariums
  • Have large numbers of moles or freckles on their skin
  • Have multiple dysplastic nevi
  • Have personal or family history of skin cancer
  • Have personal or family history of melanoma cancer.
  • Works outdoors for long hours

Skin cancer checks at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

When you arrive at Sun & Skin Medical Centre for a skin cancer check, your patient journey with us will generally begin with your skin doctor taking a thorough medical history. From there, a full body skin check and/or mole mapping will be recommended for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of any lesions that may be currently present on your skin.

Following these procedures, your skin doctor will be able to determine whether any further investigations, such as a skin biopsy are necessary. Alternatively they may suggest an on-the-spot treatment, or perhaps ongoing monitoring and regular skin cancer checks. The frequency with which you doctor suggests that you have full body skin cancer checks or mole maps varies from patient to patient, and is dependent on a number of factors.

What do skin cancer checks involve and what can I expect at my appointment?

Our trained doctors at Sun & Skin Medical Centre are experienced in performing skin cancer checks of patients of all ages and backgrounds. We recommend you book for a comprehensive full skin check and/or mole map when arranging your appointment. This will give you and your doctor ample time to discuss your medical history, answer any concerns or questions that you may have, and perform the physical examination.

The physical examination component of skin cancer checks involves you getting undressed to your underwear (we can provide you with a modesty gown if required), so that your doctor can examine your entire skin surface thoroughly. You should remove all nail polish and make up prior to your appointment. Your skin doctor will use a specialised tool known as a dermatoscope to visualize below the surface of the skin, and help to identify any suspicious lesions.

For patients who are having a mole map as part of their skin cancer check, state of the art FotoFinder technology it used to create a full body map of all skin spots in just minutes.

For urgent concerns or emergencies, we do also offer shorter, 15-minute appointment times, which are appropriate for the examination of up to three skin lesions only.

Skin cancer checks are painless.

What happens after my skin cancer check?

Sometimes during skin cancer checks, doctors identify suspicious lesions. In these cases, the doctor may recommend a skin biopsy in order to diagnose whether the lesion is malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). If your doctor recommends a biopsy, they will talk you through what type of biopsy they will perform (either a shave biopsy or punch biopsy). The skin sample is sent off for laboratory analysis and your doctor will inform you of the result.

Sun & Skin offers patients the convenience of being able to have a range of treatments in our Mt Eliza Clinic, should they be required following skin cancer checks. Our experienced and qualified doctors perform excisions, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and topical treatments.

Alternatively, your skin doctor might suggest ongoing monitoring of your skin and any lesions that may be present. If so, they will advise you on how frequently repeat skin cancer checks should be performed, based on your own individual circumstances.

Skin cancer checks in Melbourne at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

For all appointments for skin cancer checks, mole mapping or any other skin treatments, please contact us at Sun & Skin Medical Centre. We offer consultation times from Monday to Saturday, with no referral necessary. Our friendly and experienced administrative staff will be able to assist you to make a time for your appointment over the phone, or alternatively you may book via our website.

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