Skin Biopsy Under Local Anaesthetic

When we are faced with a suspicious skin lesion after a thorough skin examination, it is recommended to do a skin biopsy to get a definite diagnosis that will help in making the final decision about how to treat the skin lesion.

Types of Skin Biopsies

There are several types of skin biopsies, all done under local anaesthetic.

Shave biopsy:

  • A shave sample of the skin lesion is taken
  • Wound is dressed
  • No suturing involved

​Punch biopsy:

  • Punch biopsy probe takes a small sample of the skin lesion, size may vary
  • Wound may be dressed or sutured with a single stitch to give patients the best cosmetic outcome

Skin Cancer Biopsy

For more information about skin cancer biopsy, contact Sun & Skin Medical Centre now.

Skin Biopsy Photos

skin cancer biopsy
skin biopsy in melbourne
skin cancer biopsies in melbourne
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