Automated Total Body Mapping

At Sun and Skin Medical Centre, we bring you the most state of the art mole mapping technology ever seen on the Peninsula. FotoFinder Technology.

Automated Total Body Mapping captures the entire skin surface seamlessly, we use the High-Tech FotoFinder System to create a body map of your moles and take photographs of your body. Systematically from head to toe and all sides within a few minutes, we can obtain a full evaluation of new or changed lesions instantly during your check up with the powerful FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence.

With this Revolutionary Version (Master Version) you can be assured your data will be Safe, Secure and Confidential.

Skin Cancer prevention with the FotoFinder Master Version provides:

– Long term & complete monitoring of the entire skin and every single mole.

– Assessment from head to toe and analysis for malignancy.

– Regular check ups that shows new and changed moles at an early stage.

– Less unnecessary excisions.

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