Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Skin cancer affects around 1 in 3 Australians under the age of 70, with Australia having the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Regular, thorough skin checks by a professional are important for all Australians, and even more so for those of us who enjoy spending time enjoying our spectacular outdoors.

Skin cancer can occur on any skin type and on any location on the body, and even in those areas that are not regularly exposed to sun. At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, our specialist doctors offer full body, head to toe skin checks. We are specially trained and highly experienced in performing thorough skin examination, and pride ourselves on providing each and every patient with the highest quality care

Skin Cancer – What is a skin check?

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, our doctors have undergone advanced skin cancer training, and will thoroughly inspect your skin, examining any moles, freckles or bumps.

During your consultation at our skin cancer clinic Mt Eliza, your doctor will use a device known as a dermatoscope to examine the skin. This device is basically a special skin microscope, that allows your doctor to visualise beneath the skin’s surface, allowing them to make a decision about any suspicious skin lesion that they may see.

Skin cancer examination is completely painless. If your doctor finds a mole or other spot that they deem to be suspicious, they may take a photograph for monitoring, or they may want to take a biopsy (a sample of the skin). Biopsies are sent to a pathology lab for diagnosis, following which, our team will then contact you with your results and to arrange any required treatments.

Skin Cancer – Mole Mapping at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Sun & Skin Medical Centre is proud to bring state of the art mole mapping technology to the Peninsula. FotoFinder Technology is a revolutionary automated total body mole mapping technology that we now offer at our skin cancer clinic Mt Eliza.

The FotoFinder system uses advanced technology to capture images of the entire skin surface seamlessly, creating a body map of your moles and freckles within a few minutes.

The FotoFinder system is a powerful diagnostic tool that is very useful in the detection of skin cancer, as it allows your doctor to identify any new or changed lesions instantly during your consultation.

Skin Cancer – Who is considered a higher risk patient?

Some groups of people may be at higher risk of developing skin cancer; visiting a skin cancer clinic Melbourne is even more important if you fall into these categories:

  • You have fair skin that burns rather than tans
  • You have light coloured eyes and fair skin
  • You have experienced multiple sunburns, especially as a child
  • You have used solariums or tanning beds
  • You have a large number of moles or freckles
  • You have multiple dysplastic nevi
  • You have a family history of skin cancer
  • You have been diagnosed with skin cancer previously
  • You have a family or personal history with melanoma cancer.

It is important to have your skin checked by a qualified professional at least once a year. If you are at a higher risk of skin cancer or you have had skin cancer in the past, then a visit to the skin cancer clinic every few months may be recommended.

Skin Cancer Detection – What to expect at your examination

Please arrive at our skin cancer clinic Mount Eliza five minutes early for your appointment. You should try to remove all make up and nail polish if possible. In preparation for your consultation, please wear nude coloured underwear if possible, and expect that you will need to be undressed down to your underwear in order for your examination to take place. If you would like to be provided with a modesty gown, please request one from your doctor.

We do offer shorter, 15 minute appointments at our skin cancer clinic Mount Eliza, for patients who may have concerns about a particular spot on the skin, or in cases of emergency. These appointments are appropriate for the checking of up to three spots only; for a more comprehensive review, we recommend that you make a time for a full skin check or mole mapping.

A full skin check at our skin cancer clinic in Melbourne costs $165, with a $75.05 rebate claimable from Medicare. Mole mapping with FotoFinder technology incurs a $250 out of pocket cost.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre - Skin Cancer Clinic in Mt Eliza

If you would like to arrange a consultation time for a skin cancer check, mole mapping, or other skin care service at our skin cancer clinic in Melbourne, please telephone us today. Alternatively, you may book online. No referrals are necessary. Our team of caring and experienced professionals look forward to providing you with the highest standard of quality skin care.

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