Epi-Blading | Epidermal Levelling

30 – 45 min treatment: $120

​Epi-blading also known as epidermal levelling or dermaplaning.

​Epiblading is a method of gentle skin exfoliation. A sterile surgical blade glides over the face removing the epidermis partially as well as any vellus facial hairs, ensuring the skins integrity is maintained and nourished during and after the procedure, reducing any inflammation and irritation, whilst treating skin concerns. There is little to no down time associated with the epi-blading treatment, clients leave with smooth, glowing and supple skin.

​Epi-blading is recommended to be performed prior to other treatments such as skin needling and peels to enhance these modalities.

Epi-blading Q&A:



​Will I grow thicker/darker hair?

No, Epi-blading will gently remove any fine vellus hair (peachy fuzzy) and the rough dead skin build up. Hair will not grow back thick, stubby or darker as there is no stimulation to the hair follicles to encourage excessive re-growth.

How often can I have a treatment done?

Epi-blading can be performed every 2 weeks on the right skin. However, 4 – 6 weeks is generally recommended.

​How will my skin look straight after the treatment?

Your skin will have a healthy, pink, flushed glow from circulation. This will subside in 1 – 4 hours, no need to exfoliate 3 days post treatment.

​Can I wear make-up straight after?

Yes mineral make is preferred or Dermaceuticals Cover Recover.

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