Facials, Masks & Peels

Refresh & revitalise with our facial treatments which are designed to help with your skin care needs. Our range consists of active antioxidant products to help in the management of skin pigmentation or unwind the time with our anti-aging masks & peels.

​At Sun and Skin we can provide you with a complimentary skin analysis to assess your skin and give you professional advice about the best treatment your skin might need when a facial, skin treatment or peel is booked.

Facials & Masks
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Dermceuticals – DP

Each bottle of DP Dermaceuticals™ reflects our commitment to innovative skin science. Developed over decades, working with leading dermatologists, doctors and aestheticians from around the world, our expert formulators have created true skin affinity. DP Dermaceuticals don’t just feel nice or merely sound convincing. They deliver real results that go beyond the skin’s surface.

​The patented HylaFuse™ Complex enhances the delivery of biologically active molecules. This unrivalled system of Hyaluronic Acid forms a sophisticated network designed to saturate the skin with intensive hydration. DP Dermaceuticals are meticulously crafted with age-defying, rejuvenating and replenishing correctives. Including power peptides, multi-vitamins, potent antioxidants with organically sourced botanicals – each has been carefully chosen for specialised functionality.

Providing at home maintenance, pre and post-operative care, DP Dermaceuticals is the ultimate skin prescription that may be used to enhance and complement clinical rejuvenation procedures. Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians, impressive and long lasting results may be achieved.

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial
60 min with LED Light Therapy – $189

​iS Clinical Fire & Ice is infamously called the ‘red carpet facial’ due to its little to no downtime and it’s formulated medical grade ingredients to provide an instant glow.

This facial is designed to effectively resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and enhance the renewal of skin cells.

​What it does:

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is a combination of two treatments. The first treatment is an intensive resurfacing masque that is made of sugarcane extracts, vitamin A & B3, and other powerful ingredients to hydrate, nourish and replenish the skin. The second treatment is the rejuvenating masque that is antioxidant-rich and calming to promote effective anti-aging and hydrating results without the downtime.

​How to prepare:

Please avoid facial waxing, laser or injectable treatments two weeks prior to having the Fire & Ice Facial. To receive treatment, retinol must be discontinued 1 week prior. This treatment is safe for nursing or pregnant patient due to its gentle yet effective ingredients.

​What to expect:

It is normal for you to feel heat and a slight tingling sensation when the ‘fire’ intensive resurfacing masque comes in contact with your skin. This slight burning sensation will neutralise once the ‘ice’ rejuvenation masque is applied. The glow and hydrating appearance will last up to several days, we recommend coming in every 2-4 weeks.

iS Clinical Honey Enzyme Facial
60 min – $180

​This luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating facial enhances skin with gentle massage and soothing hydration. Effective for all skin types, leaving skin smooth and soft.

iS Clinical Harmony Facial
30 min – $110

​This soothing and revitalizing facial is design to awaken the senses and restore balance to the s,kin as it renews tone, clarity, and resilience. Giving a healthy glow to a fatigued skin.

iS Clinical Customised Facial with LED
60 min – $160
45 min – $140

​This facial is tailored to your individual skin concerns with a tailored Light therapy session.

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