Dermapen / Skin Needling

Skin Micro Needling uses minute punctures to the skin through precision medical micro needles to stimulate collagen which is the key to skin repair. We use Dermapen 4 technology at Sun & Skin Medical Centre. Dermapen 4 uses the most advanced needle cartridge to provide a faster and safer treatment and to produce optimal results.

​How does it work?

The micro-fine needles housed in the single-use, sterile cartridge of the pen penetrate the strata of the skin (epidermis and dermis) at a depth of 0.25mm to 2.5mm to create microscopic “wounds” within the skin. In turn, this stimulates the body’s wound healing cascade, resulting in increased blood flow to the area, stimulation of neovascular growth (creation of new blood vessels), synthesis of proteoglycans such as Hyaluronic acid (responsible for the ability of the epidermis to bind and retain water molecules) and new collagen synthesis as well as cellular lysis (destruction of damaged cells such as in scars or pigmentation), resulting in significant improvement to both skin texture and discolouration. This process occurs over a period of weeks to months and results are progressive.

​What can I expect?

The treatment is generally well tolerated. The ability to vary the depth of the treatment enables us to treat delicate areas more gently, and blemishes such as scars or lines more effectively. The device is moved across the skin, creating up to 1900 micro-columns per second and eliciting minor pinpoint bleeding which, due to the super-fine nature of the needles is transient and the skin is clean and intact at the cessation of your treatment.

​Downtime is minimal with most people experiencing mild, transient redness (24-48hrs) and minor oedema (swelling) of the skin (24-48hrs). Occasionally, bruising may occur over delicate areas or deeper scars and lines requiring stronger treatment. Mineral powder can be applied the following day however we recommend you limit touching your skin or using products/makeup on the day.

​The daily use of DP Dermaceuticals™ products and regular treatments with Dermapen™ enable long lasting correction and skin fortification. The skin is visibly smoother, re-texturised and plumped for long lasting radiance. These products are suitable for post Dermapen skin needling or rejuvenation procedures.

​Dermapen treatment creates micro-channels within the skin stimulates the body’s natural repair, renewal and healing process, releases growth factors to build new and increased collagen production, leaving skin appearance visibly refined, resurfaced and rejuvenated.

​Dermapen 4 can also assist with

  • Ageing skin/vertical lip lines/Vitiligo
  • Hyperpigmentation/age spots/uneven skin tone
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Enlarged/dilated pores
  • Acne
  • Stretch marks
  • Alopecia

Dermapen Signature Treatment: 45 min $399 

Package price 3 signature treatments 4th treatment FREE $1050

​Dermaceuticals meso glide serums delivering bio compatible actives using hyla fuse solution.

Add on Peel: $39

​Add on MG Vile: $39

​Add on LED: $39

​Add on PRP: $200

​Neck and Décolletage: $99​

​A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended, with ongoing home care and maintenance

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