Getting a Mole Check at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

Having regular mole checks is a very simple habit to integrate into your healthcare program. Having a mole check regularly can help to identify and diagnose skin lesions and skin cancers before they become dangerous.

Moles, sunspots and skin lesions can change throughout our lifetime, and it can be difficult to tell what is a regular, innocent sunspot as opposed to a more sinister skin lesion. Having a regular mole check with a qualified and experienced skin cancer doctor is vital to the detection of skin cancers and melanomas. Most often, the sooner a suspicious lesion is identified, the sooner an appropriate treatment plan can be put into place for the patient, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Have a mole check at our accredited skin cancer clinic

mole check - mole mapping

For mole checks Melbourne patients can contact Sun & Skin Medical Centre.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre is proud to be the only accredited skin cancer clinic in Mount Eliza offering mole checks, full skin checks, and other skin care services.

Our doctors are not only qualified and experienced, but incredibly passionate about the detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. We proudly offer our patients access to the latest technologies and innovative treatments for skin cancers and other skin concerns.

Who should have a mole check?

Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and as such all Australians should consider having a regular mole check. Your skin doctor will be able to advise you on how regularly you need to have follow up mole checks, but generally people at high risk need to be checked more often.

You are considered a high risk patient if you have one or more of the following:

  • Fair skin that burns rather than tanning
  • Light coloured eyes and fair hair
  • Had multiple sunburns, especially as a child
  • Used tanning beds or solariums
  • Large numbers of moles or freckles on your skin
  • Multiple dystplastic nevi
  • Personal or family history of skin cancer
  • Personal or family history of melanoma cancer.

If you would like an appointment for a mole check Mt Eliza locals and those in the surrounding areas can conveniently access Sun & Skin Medical Centre. Appointments can be made by phone or online.

How to get a mole check at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, we offer our patients options when it comes to having a mole check. Depending on the particular concern, we offer full skin checks, mole mapping or brief appointments for urgent concerns.

The full-body mole mapping technology that we use to conduct mole checks in our clinic is state of the art, and the only one of its kind on the Mornington Peninsula. FotoFinder Technology is an automated system that creates a total body map of your moles. It works systematically from head to toe and across the sides, allowing for a full evaluation of any new or changed skin lesions in just a few minutes. With the FotoFinder Artificial Intelligence, your skin doctor can monitor the complete skin surface and every single mole over the long term. It allows for the identification and analysis of any skin malignancy at an early stage.

Our doctors offer all patients a head to toe full skin check as part of their mole check Melbourne appointment. We always conduct a thorough examination, as skin cancer can occur on any type of skin, at any location, even those areas that are not regularly exposed to sunlight. Skin checks are performed using a specialised microscope known as a dermatoscope. This tool allows your doctor to visualise below the surface of the skin, and therefore determine whether a particular lesion is suspicious or not.

A full skin check is always recommended as a proper monitoring tool, however for patients who may be concerned about a particular spot or in some urgent cases, Sun & Skin Medical Centre offers short, 15 minute mole check appointments. These appointments are suitable to assess a maximum of three spots only.

What to expect during your mole check appointment

When patients arrive at our clinic for their mole check, they can expect to be asked to undress down to their underwear. We do recommend that patients wear nude coloured underwear if possible. Our clinic is able to provide you with a modesty gown at your request.

Please arrive five minutes early to your mole check appointment, and remove all make up and nail polish if possible.

Mole check appointments at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

For Victorians living close to the Mornington Peninsula, Sun & Skin Medical Centre offers patients mole checks Mt Eliza location. Our clinic is open Monday to Saturday, and appointments may be made either via telephone or online at your convenience. No referral is necessary.

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