Mole Mapping & Skin Check Options

Our clinic is multidisciplinary for all skin conditions and treatment options including our dedication to diagnosing and treating skin cancers.

We have the most sophisticated technology currently available to provide the only mole mapping and skin analysis system of its kind on the Mornington Peninsula.

This technology is state of the art and will give you the piece of mind that you need for the earliest analysis or detection of skin changes.

The earlier skin cancer is detected, the better the chances are to cure it. We monitor the entire skin and each individual mole with innovative FotoFinder technology. Minute changes are immediately evident and can be diagnosed early on.

A full skin check is recommended as a proper checking tool but if you are concerned about a particular spot anywhere on your body, or in cases of an emergency that you are very worried, then a brief 15 minute appointment can be booked to assess a maximum of 3 spots only.


– Full Skin Check: $165 – ($75.05 rebate claimable from Medicare)

– Comprehensive Mole Mapping: $250 (out of pocket)

mole check - mole mapping
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