Having your skin regularly checked is very important and you should aim to integrate it into your healthcare routine, however on occasion you may require just a single mole check.

We offer shorter, 15 minute appointment times for single mole checks in Melbourne here at Sun & Skin Medical Centre. These appointment times can be used to check up to three moles.

It is important to remember that skin lesions, sunspots and moles can change throughout our lifetime. Our experienced skin doctors are experienced in performing single mole checks, and will use a variety of diagnostic tools to identify sinister skin lesions, differentiating them from regular, innocent sun spots.

If you are concerned about a particular lesion urgently, book in a single mole check with our skin doctors at Sun & Skin Medical Centre.

mole check - mole mapping

Have a single mole check at our accredited skin clinic, Sun & Skin Medical Centre

For single mole checks Mount Eliza patients and those in the surrounding areas can contact Sun & Skin Medical Centre directly on 5902 8696. Regular and prompt mole checks by an experienced skin doctor are vital to the detection of skin cancers and melanomas. In most cases, the sooner a suspicious skin spot is identified, the sooner the doctor can implement an appropriate treatment plan for the patient. This most often leads to the best possible outcomes.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre is comprised of a team of passionate, experienced skin doctors and supportive staff. We are proud to be the only established and accredited skin cancer clinic in Mount Eliza offering single mole checks, full skin checks, and a range of other skin care services to Mornington Peninsula locals.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre offers patients access to the latest technologies and most advanced treatments for skin cancers and other skin concerns.

Who is a single mole check appointment suitable for?

Whilst all Australians should consider having regular full body skin checks, in some instances, a single mole check may be required. When you visit us at Sun & Skin Medical Centre, your skin doctor will conduct a thorough assessment of your skin health as well as your general health, including your personal and family medical history. Based on their assessment, they will be able to make a recommendation as to how often you should be having full skin checks. Some patients are considered at higher risk of developing skin malignancies and therefore may need to be screened more often. Patients who are considered high risk usually meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have fair skin that burns rather than tans
  • Have lighter coloured eyes and fair natural hair colour
  • Have had multiple sunburns, especially during childhood
  • Have used tanning beds or solariums
  • Have large numbers of moles or freckles on their skin
  • Have multiple dysplastic nevi
  • Have a personal or family history of skin cancer
  • Have a personal or family history of melanoma cancer.
  • Being exposed to sun light for long hours ie. working outdoors

If you notice a new mole that has recently appeared, or you observe a sudden change in the appearance of an existing mole, then you should contact our clinic for a single mole check. Our staff will happily assist patients with times for single mole checks Mt Eliza.

These appointments are 15 minute time slots, suitable for a single mole check or for up to three moles only. If you wish to have more than that number of lesions examined, please book for a full skin check to allow ample time for your skin doctor to conduct a thorough examination. Appointments can be made by phone or online.

Single mole checks at Sun & Skin Medical Centre

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, we offer our patients convenience and options when it comes to having their skin checked. Depending on the patient’s particular history and their current concern, we offer appointments for full skin checks, full body mole maps or single mole check appointments for urgent concerns.

Whilst our doctors always recommend regular, full skin checks, in urgent cases we offer appointments for single mole checks Melbourne patients can book in. During these shorter appointment times, your skin doctor will examine, assess and plan to treat (if necessary) the single mole that is of concern. You may then schedule a consultation for a comprehensive head-to-toe full skin check at another time, where your skin doctor will be able to check the full skin surface for you.

Sun & Skin Medical Centre offers patients the flexibility of single mole checks at our Mt Eliza location. Our clinic is open for consultation from Monday to Saturday, and appointments may be made either via phoning us, or completing the online booking form. No referral is necessary.

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