If you have an unwanted tattoo and have been considering tattoo removal, our team of experienced skin doctors and skin therapists can help.

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, we offer tattoo removal for Melbourne patients using the Cutera Enlighten laser.

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that is performed in order to remove an unwanted tattoo. You might be considering tattoo removal if you have a tattoo that you no longer want, or perhaps one that you’re unhappy with its appearance.

The Cutera Enlighten uses three different laser wavelengths to target ink pigments in the skin and break them down. The pulses of energy target the ink pigments in the skin, heating them up and dissolving the ink. Once the laser fragments the ink pigments, they are small enough to be safely carried away through the bloodstream via the body’s immune cells, and excreted through normal waste processes. Over time and with subsequent treatments, the ink disappears.

tattoo removal - enlighten

What type of tattoos can be removed?

The Cutera Enlighten laser can be used to remove all types of tattoos.  This innovative laser system allows for tattoo removal with body art in all different colours and at varying depths.

What is involved the tattoo removal process?

Prior to your tattoo removal treatment, one of our skin doctors can administer some local anaesthetic to make you more comfortable during your appointment.

Your skin therapist will then proceed to perform the treatment using the Cutera Enlighten laser.

During the tattoo removal process, the Cutera Enlighten uses pico technology and nanosecond technology. Three different laser light wavelengths (532, 670 and 1064) are used to effectively target pigments of all different colours and at different depths.

What are the benefits of this type of laser tattoo removal?

With Cutera Enlighten, most patients are able to achieve their desired results in half the normal number of tattoo removal treatment sessions that would otherwise be required. Using this system, the chance of scarring is reduced. It provides a safer and overall more comfortable experience for the patient during the treatment.

The results of the tattoo removal process are permanent.

What type of results can I expect from tattoo removal treatment using the Cutera Enlighten?

There are a number of factors that can influence how many treatments it will take to achieve complete tattoo removal. These factors can include: the type of ink used, the colours of the ink, layering of tattoos, the depth of the ink, and the age of the tattoo.

You will begin to see results (fading of the tattoo) after just a few sessions, however most people require 8-10 sessions to achieve complete tattoo removal.

Professional body art may take more treatments to achieve your desired result.

Interested in booking tattoo removal at Sun & Skin Medical Centre?

At Sun & Skin Medical Centre, we offer complimentary consultation with no obligation for patients interested in booking their tattoo removal in Mount Eliza. During your consultation, our experienced skin therapists will assess your tattoo and provide you with an estimation of sessions and costing for your tattoo removal. We can offer package pricing.

If you would like to book your complimentary consultation for tattoo removal Mt Eliza, please phone our clinic. They will be able to schedule a time with one of our therapists and assist you with further steps.

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